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Our climate is in crisis, fuelled by dirty fuels like coal and gas. At the same time, we are facing the health and economic impacts of Covid-19. Our life support systems are at risk of collapse. We must stop dismantling our ventilators, the eco systems which give us the air we breathe. 

How we deal with recovery from the Covid-19 crisis is an enormous challenge, but the last thing we need to do now is to double down on fossil fuels. Now is the time to invest intelligently in the future, not toxic old technologies like coal and gas. 

So-called ‘transition fuels’ such as gas are extremely powerful, dirty, polluting greenhouse gases. Gas drives our emissions further, increasing climate change and fuelling the climate crisis. 

Renewables are now the cheapest, cleanest, and most reliable source of energy. As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis together, it is time for a healthy recovery.  For this reason the World Health Organisation, International Companies worth $2 Trillion, as well as Germany and Britain are calling for a Green Recovery. These kind of investments will take advantage of Australia’s abundance of clean, renewable energy options with the opportunity to make  Australia an economic renewable energy powerhouse. 

We can easily achieve 45% reduction by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050. Now is the time for a renewable-led recovery. Let’s leave coal and gas in the ground.

Australia can become a true world leader for the right reasons. We can become a top renewable energy exporter, and we can play an active role on the international stage facilitating effective climate negotiations and encourage other countries to follow Australia’s lead. But first we must cut our ties with fossil fuels.