How to cut your tie and share it!


IT'S EASY!  Have fun with it! Take a photo or video of you cutting your tie. Tell people why you’re doing it and invite them to do the same. Share it with us and your friends, and make sure to use the hashtag #CutYourTies

You can connect with others who have cut their ties on our Facebook page, or see who else has cut their ties on our Instagram or Twitter.

Tie-talk Tips!

When people ask why you are wearing a cut tie, here are a few tips to get the conversation started:

  • "I've cut ties with politicians and businesses who are not committed to addressing climate change. Politicians who want our support, need to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the climate crisis."

  • "No more business as usual! The recent catastrophic bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic have shown us that our world must change, and this means we must change how we do business, trade and the policies we make. This is part of my stand on the issue."

  • "You can take the pledge and cut your ties to the fossil fuel industry too, at CutYourTies.Net"

You might want to have a handy ‘business card’ for people to go to the Cut Your Ties website. You can print out your own business cards for this purpose - just download the files below. 

Share how you are cutting your ties on social media