Economists. Firefighters. Farmers. Doctors. Businesses. Investors. Defense Experts. Scientists. They all agree. 

We need to cut our ties with fossil fuels.

Will you help by cutting your ties with politicians who will not listen?

We need to move away fro gas and coal.

Gas and coal do not stack up economically and environmentally.


Despite significant government funding and hype over the power of gas to fire up the economy, the gas industry has failed to contribute to Australia’s economic recovery.

But life without coal, gas and oil is possible. And our future will be so much better without it.

We have the technology.

Now we need to political willpower to make this happen.

This coming federal election, vote for politicians who support the transition away from fossil fuels.

Only 0.28 per cent of Australians are employed in the oil and gas, and gas supply industries

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Over $3 Trillion and

880,000 Australian jobs lost

over the next 50 years if we do not transition away from fossil fuels

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$680 Billion and

250,000 Australian jobs

added over next 50 years if we repower with renewables

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