Investing your money into more Coal and Gas? Seriously Bad!

Bad for the Economy 

Bad for Jobs

Bad for Health

Bad for our Farmers

Bad for our Climate

Bad for our Energy Security

Economists. Firefighters. Farmers. Doctors. Businesses. Investors.

Defense Experts. Scientists.

    They all agree. 

We must cut our ties with fossil fuels, including gas.

Will you help and cut your ties with politicians who will not listen?

Cutting Ties means no new fossil fuel investment or infrastructure, including gas. Like coal and oil, gas is a fossil fuel that contributes to global heating and pollution. A gas led recovery will not revive the Australian economy.

We cannot stop using fossil fuels over night, but we can rapidly transition away from them. Our future will be so much better without them.  


We have the technology. We have the economic solutions. Now we need real political leadership to make this happen. This coming election, vote for politicians who will cut their ties with fossil fuels.

Our Pledge: If they don't cut their ties with fossil fuels, we will cut our ties with them!


Unravelling security  environment in Southeast Asia 

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$3 Trillion 

880,000 Australian jobs

lost over the next 50 years if we don't transition. 

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50 degree C days will be common,  burns our health and environment!

in Sydney and Melbourne

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22% reduction in farm profits 

over the last 20 years  

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Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 5.34.05 pm.png

$680 Billion 

250,000 Australian jobs

added over next 50 years if we cut our ties with 

fossil fuels

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