A visual change movement 

for climate action 

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 Mega-Bushfires, Unprecedented Heatwaves, Smoke and Drought.

 Now we face another crisis: COVID-19

So how can we SHOW that we care?

How can we best recover from  the economic impacts of Covid-19 and deal with the climate crisis at the same time?

We simply can't afford a recovery that entrenches and prolongs the use of fossil fuels.


We must and we can create new jobs, enhance economic prosperity and tackle climate change at the same time

Wear & Share one simple message:


Cut Your Ties!

with Politicians, Banks & Super Funds

who are not serious about tackling climate change

and continue to support fossil fuels.



   Join this unique and growing VISUAL CHANGE movement


Wear your own cut tie every Friday


Wear a cool "Cut Your Tie" T-Shirt

Wear it, Share it, Demand change, Every Friday!

Lets make our politicians and businesses act on the climate science now, just

as they act on the health science dealing with Covid-19. 

Let us not replace one health and economic crisis (Covid-19) with another (Climate Crisis). Through the right stimulus into clean technologies - not fossil fuels like gas and coal - we can deal with both at the same time.

 The urgent economic stimulus needed now is a unique opportunity  to generate a large  number of  sustainable jobs in the renewable energy sector as well as reduce pollution and improve our health.

Our recent unprecedented bushfires, heat and severe weather events tell us we are running out of time."

Dr. Ingo Weber, Cut Your Ties Ambassador


Vienna Tran
Medical Student

“I cut my tie as a symbol to show that I want our government to take REAL climate action. I’m fed up with the vested interests of the fossil fuel companies resulting in policy paralysis. I want to stand with other Australians who know that the time has come to act. No more business as usual!”


Andreina Adames

International Trade and Development 

“After the bushfires, and then the Covid-19 crisis, I saw how we can come together in a crisis and listen to our experts and health professinals I know we can do the same for the climate crisis. We can listen to the scientists, our economists, and our health professionals."



Hubertus Jersmann

Respiratory Physician

I took the pledge and cut my tie because I’m sick of the blinded ideology and vested interests of our politicians. We can reduce our coal and gas mining, cut our emissions, and create sustainable jobs in the renewable energy sector. Let’s make sure that we can avoid even worse bushfires smoke and extreme heat in future affecting health"

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